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Giving Kids the Gift of Yoga! Top 10 benefits of yoga for children

Next month we will be hosting the gorgeous Jodi Komitor from Next Generation Yoga for Kids Yoga Teacher Training. Here’s what she has to say about why yoga is great for kids. Yoga, the 5,000-year old art of fusing the body and mind is not just transforming adults today. Because of its amazing benefits, the rage of yoga for children … Read more

Mindful Jar

Crazy to Calm Mindful Jar

Why use a mindful Jar? Using a Mindful Jar with children is a powerful visual tool to help them understand how their minds and thoughts can go from being busy to calm. They are a simple way to teach children about self-regulation and mindfulness, which assists them to deal with their emotions in a positive way. How it works The … Read more

Wee Warriors for 2 - 3 year olds

How we use a breathing ball to create calm

We use our magic breathing ball to help us to feel relaxed & calm. “Did you know that you have a magic breathing ball, in your belly? Sit up tall & let’s blow up your ball, with a big breath in. Breathe out & make your ball small.”

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Gratitude: We love to say Thank You

connect kids YOGA Teachers say “Thank You”. At the end of each class we take the time to thank each & everyone of our students individually. It’s a time where we get to connect one on one with our gorgeous students & thank them for being AMAZING.

Mindfulness Month Video

Mindfulness Month: Day 18: Colour Mindful Cube

Take the time to stop and really enjoy the beautiful colours that surround us everyday. Cynthia Levin from connect kids YOGA shares how to focus on a single point using the colour mindful cube. In this very simple mindfulness exercise which is suitable for preschoolers to grandparents we stop & drop into stillness by watching the flow of colours with … Read more