Crazy to Calm Mindful Jar

Why use a mindful Jar?

Using a Mindful Jar with children is a powerful visual tool to help them understand how their minds and thoughts can go from being busy to calm. They are a simple way to teach children about self-regulation and mindfulness, which assists them to deal with their emotions in a positive way.

How it works

The liquid inside represents the mind and the glitter represents thoughts.

When shaken the glitter fills the jar. As the glitter begins to settle so too do busy thoughts and emotions. Encouraging children give their feelings or thoughts a name and then watch the glitter settle while taking deep breathes has an instant calming effect.

Mindful Jars are great to use both in the centre or at home.

Why not create a quiet Mindful corner with different coloured jars and encourage children to use it whenever they need some calm.

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