What is connect kids YOGA

connect kids YOGA is a yoga program for children in Early Learning Centres and Preschools.
It runs in the NSW school term, and consists of a weekly class for ten weeks, each term.


connect kids YOGA is a TURNKEY program. Once booked with us, we take care of the rest.
Our unique program is designed in alignment with the National Quality Standards (NQS) and meets the learning outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

  • With our program, you will receive:

  • Term program outline

    Emailed at the beginning of each term, it includes class themes, giving your centre the opportunity to incorporate these themes into your curriculum.

  • Educational Program Assistance

    Our program documentation supports your curriculum, will save Educators on programming time each week and ensure accreditation needs are being met.

  • Individual Class Themes

    Individual class themes with YOGA learning outcomes with links to the EYLF and NQS are emailed weekly.

  • A “YOGA Class Reflection” for parent’s daily diary

    It details the class, poses and benefits of the poses, emailed weekly. Add your own class photos. This is a huge timesaver for educators.

  • Personalised & interactive YOGA classes

    Stop using pre-recorded yoga programs that don’t speak directly with and engage the children personally.

  • Term contribution to your newsletter


  • You will also get:

  • Specifically trained yoga teachers

    All our teachers are trained to teach YOGA to children, have WWCC and First Aid Certificate.

  • Motivated educators

    We encourage staff participation in our classes, which promotes a feeling of health & wellbeing.

  • Online registration and payment for parents

    Take the hassle and time out of chasing fees from parents each week.

  • All equipment provided

    We bring mats, props and anything else we require.

  • Choice of morning or afternoon sessions

    We offer flexible class times.

  • Discounts for multiple bookings

Your entire centre will be positively impacted

• Your educators will notice an overall sense of calm and stability.
• Children who are calm, relaxed, happy and focused are easier to teach.
• Watch these amazing benefits ripple out into the children’s home environment, into the community and beyond.

How much does the program cost?

  • Your centre can make connect kids YOGA part of your weekly curriculum for $10.50* per child.
    *Minimum enrolment required.

  • Or we can tailor a package to suit your centre’s needs starting from as little as $6.35 per child.

  • Your centre may be eligible for discounts too.

Let us help you find a package that’s just right for your centre.

How does my centre register?

  1. Complete a COMPLIMENTARY trial class
  2. Choose your program payment preference;
    1. Centre subsidised or
    2. Parents pay
  3. Choose preferred session day & time
  4. Choose a start date
  5. Finalise registration documents
  6. Program booked and we are ready to start making a positive difference with YOGA!

There is no problem for you to start part way through a term. 

Cynthia Levin

Introducing Cynthia Levin
Founder of connect kids YOGA

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