Would you like to see your child calm, happy, confident?

Yoga is all-inclusive and non-competitive. Every child can do it.
Our program is delivered by certified and passionate connect kids YOGA teachers in the familiar environment of the centre they attend.

Yes! I would like yoga in my child’s centre

Program overview

Your child can only enrol if their centre is a participating partner. We currently offer our program in Early Learning Centres and Preschools across Sydney, Wollongong, Gosford and Newcastle.

The program runs every school term for 10 weeks. Day and times vary according to each centre.

Find out if CKY is in your child’s centre

  • We take children on a journey

    Our classes take your child on a journey of imagination and creativity. We like to say that each class is like riding a wave. Starting off slow with a gentle warm up, building to high energy movements, and rolling in with a beautiful relaxation. The whole class is designed to help your child to develop skills to self-regulate, become in tune with themselves and develop a sense of calm, happiness and confidence.

  • Kids Yoga is loud, full of energy and creativity

    Kids Yoga is VERY different to grown up yoga! Children need to express themselves through play, movement, singing, songs, music and engaging with one another. Our classes provide children the opportunity to celebrate their own uniqueness and to shine bright.

  • Children learn to self regulate

    Our specifically designed, non-competitive program encourages little bodies and minds to develop to their full potential in a fun and exciting way. Age appropriate classes are planned according to your child’s needs! Our seasonal focused classes encourage children to work and live in harmony with their environment and world.

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Why parents love connect kids

  • Benefits for your child

    connect kids YOGA creates calm, happy, healthy, little minds and bodies. There are so many benefits, but here are our top three:

    • Invaluable tools to deal with stress, anxiety and other socially demanding issues. So no victims of bullying here.

    • Increased self-worth, love, respect, kindness & compassion.

    • Children who can sleep better. Well rested children are happy calm children.

  • Save time!

    How much time do you waste sitting in traffic getting from one activity to the next? Would you like to get this time back and spend it with the little people you love most?

    Because our program is provided at your child’s centre, we have taken out the hassle and time of you driving to after school activities giving you back this precious time to spend with your family!

Love love love! A fantastic program that allows children to focus on themselves whilst having fun and introducing them to the amazing benefits of yoga! My daughter counts down the days until her next class…
And I love that it’s not about focusing on performing for anyone but herself and her own needs!


My kids JUST completed a lesson with Cynthia, they love their yoga lessons!
Always finish so happy and full of energy…
Samiya said: “I love yoga and Cynthia!”

Thank you, for making my girls so happy every Thursday!!


“Cynthia is a phenomenal instructor, a perfect blend of fun, calm and control. My daughter adores her classes. They have helped her become more calm and flexible.”

Jocelyn, mum of Holly aged 5

Your questions answered

Where can I find a connect kids YOGA class?

Our unique program is offered in Early Learning Centres, Preschools and other early learning services. Your child can only participate if their centre is a connect kids YOGA partner. Check our partners and locations.

What makes connect kids YOGA different to adult yoga?

Kids Yoga is loud, full of energy and creativity. Children need to express themselves through play, movement, singing, songs and music and engaging with one another.

Is yoga for children fun?

Without doubt. Children’s yoga IS fun. Kids yoga need to be engaging and we keep it fun.

My child has special needs, is it OK for him/her to join?

Absolutely. connect kids YOGA has amazing benefits for and assists children with Autism, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, learning disabilities or difficulties and other special needs. Read more here.

How long does the class go for?

Teeny 3mth – 12mth & Tiny Warriors 1 – 2yo 15 minutes

Wee Warriors 2 – 3yo 20 minutes

Little Warriors 3 – 5yo 30 minutes

I can’t find my centre but want my child to participate

Awesome! You can request yoga in your centre here or call us on 1300 996 912 for more info

Do you teach religion?

No, we do not. We teach children about respecting and loving themselves, others and the world.

Do you offer yoga for older children?

No.  We specialise in Yoga for children under the age of 6 years

What qualifications do your teachers have?

All of our teachers have a background in working with children and Children’s Yoga teacher training certification. They all hold a current first aid certificate, Working with Children Check and insurance.

Is your centre in our program?

  • Our mission

    We believe ALL children are shining stars & YOGA helps them shine brighter!
    We inspire little minds & bodies to believe in and connect to their brightness within, encouraging them to shine from the inside out.

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