Wee Warriors for 2 - 3 year olds

How we use a breathing ball to create calm

We use our magic breathing ball to help us to feel relaxed & calm. “Did you know that you have a magic breathing ball, in your belly? Sit up tall & let’s blow up your ball, with a big breath in. Breathe out & make your ball small.”

Thank you connect kids YOGA

Gratitude: We love to say Thank You

connect kids YOGA Teachers say “Thank You”. At the end of each class we take the time to thank each & everyone of our students individually. It’s a time where we get to connect one on one with our gorgeous students & thank them for being AMAZING.

Mindfulness Month Video

Mindfulness Month: Day 18: Colour Mindful Cube

Take the time to stop and really enjoy the beautiful colours that surround us everyday. Cynthia Levin from connect kids YOGA shares how to focus on a single point using the colour mindful cube. In this very simple mindfulness exercise which is suitable for preschoolers to grandparents we stop & drop into stillness by watching the flow of colours with … Read more