Why choose us? What makes yoga different from other programs?

While yoga is a form of exercise, there are distinct differences from other programs.

• Yoga is for every child, whether they like sport or not.
• Yoga is non-competitive and all-inclusive
• Our classes are a beautiful blend of high energy, stillness and sweet relaxation.  

ck YOGA is NOT an extra-curricular activity.  Our program is an extension of your centre program & curriculum!

connect kids YOGA is an extension of your centre's program!

How does yoga benefit children?

Starting yoga at a young age has many benefits. 
connect kids YOGA creates calm, happy, healthy, little minds and bodies.
We see that children who participate in our program:

• Boost their Confidence
• Increase their Focus
• Create a sense of Calm
• Build Physical, Mental, Social and Emotional Strength and Flexibility
• Cultivate Resilience
• Develop Mindfulness
• Learn to Self-regulate

And best of all this is achieved while they have fun.

Yoga means "to join"

Yoga teaches children a deeper understanding of their connection to themselves and to the world around them allowing them to not just benefit on a physical level but mentally and emotionally as well.

Kids yoga classes are VERY different to adult yoga!

Children's yoga is loud, full of energy and creativity.
Children need to express themselves through play, movement, singing, songs and music and engaging with one another.
We approach yoga with a sense of fun and curiosity.

Focusing on having fun in a creative, energetic way keeps children engaged and interested.

  • Our classes are attention span and ability appropriate

    Our classes provide challenges and repetition. Challenges are important to help children to grow and push themselves. Children gain valuable physical, emotional and mental skills through sequential lesson planning.

  • We always provide positive feedback

    It is extremely important for a child’s self-esteem to hear encouragement. We focus on the good – there is no wrong way, as long as a child is not at risk of hurting themselves.

  • We teach breathing and relaxation

    Learning to relax the body and mind helps to calm the nervous system. We use meditation, visualisations, dramatisations, specific breathing techniques and singing to assist with relaxation.

  • We use props and visuals...

    such as flash cards, puppets, stuffed toys, books, musical instruments, just to name a few, to help children stay on task and to provide visual support. Props also encourage turn taking and reinforcement of positive social interactions.

It's easy to get started

You can join our program at any time during the NSW school term