We want children to shine from the inside out

connect kids YOGA is specifically designed to introduce children to yoga in a fun, educational, non-competitive way.

Our classes infuse movement, music, yoga games, breathing exercises, imaginative play, storytelling, creative arts and relaxations to connect kids to their mind and body. Quiet and reflective relaxations and breathing exercises follow high intensity movement and games allowing kids to release built up energy and stress then reflect and connect.

Each week a new class theme is explored, taking children on a journey of self-discovery and provide learning experiences to encourage a connection with themselves, their peers, the community and the world.

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connect kids YOGA services

for 3mths –  12mths

A 15 minute baby class with simple hands on stretching, playful developmental movements, songs and simple yoga poses.

for 1 – 2 yo

A 15 minute pre-toddler class using a unique blend of playful developmental movements, songs and simple yoga poses.

for 2 - 3 yo

A 20 minute toddler class designed to have fun and follow simple routines with lots of repetition.

for 3 - 5 yo

A 30 minute preschool class designed to stimulate little minds and bodies, through creative and animated movement.

Our super cute Teeny Warriors class focuses on 1:1 time, hands on physical stretches and strengthening while using sing songs and simple props.  Babies are exposed to the fundamental elements of our unique classes, in a flexible, loving and fun environment.

Our unique Tiny Warriors is designed to enhance the already present natural yoga ability of pre-toddlers, using a unique blend of playful developmental movements, songs and simple yoga poses. Classes are about being flexible, enjoying the present moment and having fun, rather than following a structured plan.

With a focus on gross motor development, our toddler classes incorporate lots of movement through stories, songs and dance. The use of age appropriate props keep Wee Warriors busy bodies and minds engaged. Hands on breathing exercises and simple relaxations allow for short passive periods, encouraging calm.

With a strong focus on body awareness and motor coordination, the Little Warriors growing curiosity is nurtured, through playful yoga poses, dance, music, games, stories and reflections.
Simple breathing exercises and relaxations encourage a sense of calm.

Weekly class themes

Weekly themes give children the opportunity to explore and learn important life skills, social and emotional values.


“Everything Changes…Including Me”

A YOGA journey to help children understand the concept of change, being comfortable with change and moving through change with ease.


“Happy, Sad, Mad, Glee…Feelings Are A Part Of Me”
A discovery of the many different feelings children experience, to feel them and then let them go! This class give the opportunity to understand that feelings come and go and fundamentally they are perfect with ALL of these feelings.


“Happy Tummy, Healthy Mind”
A journey to the beach and a snorkeling adventure to discover the treasures of ocean. Throughout the class, YOGA THERAPY poses are used to assist in digestive health & wellbeing & to encourage a feeling of strength, happiness and health through positive affirmations.


“Balancing is Fun When I Focus”

A YOGA adventure to help develop focus and balance skills. Children are encouraged to test their balancing abilities and learn the skill of focusing. The skill of focusing teaches that the art of balancing is much easier to achieve.


“We’re Going On A Tree Hunt”
A YOGA adventure to educate about the importance of trees and why we need to take care of them. We are on the search for one very special tree, building tenacity and strength along the way while overcoming obstacles to find it.


“I am a Superhero” is a YOGA adventure to encourage children to find their inner strength. Becoming a superhero warrior will allow children to face their fears and find ways to overcome them, while having fun along the way. A yoga lesson in courage and resilience.


“YOU are UNIQUE, Shine Your Light”
a YOGA adventure to the zoo. Children will discover their own uniqueness while stretching and strengthening with some unique and special animals. A journey to encourage confidence, self-awareness and to shine their perfect light.


“Gratitude Is My Attitude”

a YOGA adventure to learn about and express gratitude for our world. Understanding that a grateful heart leads to a happy heart. We say thank you while stretching and strengthening our way to happiness.


“From Crazy to Calm…Connecting to
My Inner Peace”
a YOGA adventure to encourage children to find relaxation and stillness. Little minds and bodies are always very busy and active. We will practice ways to be calm, through yoga poses, breathing exercises and partner work. Creating calm, creates inner peace & that’s a very special place to be.

Other themes

(Stillness & Silence)

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You can join our program at any time during the NSW school term.