ALL children shine with connect kids YOGA

The number of children with special needs continues to grow each year.
Our mission is to make a positive difference for children with special needs and to provide them with the tools to be calm, confident, happy & healthy.

connect kids YOGA embraces an all-inclusive, supportive, nurturing class environment.

We integrate Yoga Therapy, through classes to support and specifically target difficulties that are faced for children with:

• Autism
• Asperger's
• Sensory Processing Disorders
• Physical Disabilities
• Mental Health issues
• and other learning disabilities.

What amazing benefits are there for children with special needs?

  • Self-regulation

    is developed as they learn tools to deal with emotional outbursts and change, leading to calm minds & bodies

  • Social interactions and connections

    improve as children gain a sense of self-awareness. Eye contact and language is encouraged with individual, partner & small group experiences helping to foster this further

  • Self-esteem and confidence

    are built in a non-competitive & supportive environment

  • Focus, concentration and attention

    improve, while encouraging children to follow a sequence

  • Physical posture, strength, flexibility and mobility

    are improved, developing strong muscles, while helping to loosen tight limbs

  • Breathing exercises

    aid speech development and further enhance relaxation

  • Imagination & creativity

    is fostered with yoga stories & poses

It's easy to get started

You can join our program at any time during the NSW school term.